Q: What LexisNexis eBooks does the Cleveland Law Library offer?
A: The Cleveland Law Library's eBook collection includes all of the titles at this link: https://clevelandlawlibrary.org/public/misc/eBook_lexis.html. Members have unlimited, simultaneous use of all eBooks in the collection that are marked with an asterisk. The Law Library shares one copy of all remaining titles with other law libraries in Ohio.

Q: Who can use Cleveland Law Library eBooks?
A: Members of the Cleveland Law Library. This includes members of the Cleveland Law Library Association and statutory members of the Cuyahoga County Law Library Resources Board under O.R.C. §307.51.

Q: Where does a member go to access the eBooks?
A: The LexisNexis Digital Library is located at the following link: https://lexisdl.com/welcome/login/cocll

Q: How does a member gain access to the Digital Library?
A: A member simply needs to go to the link below, select the Cleveland Law Library, and then enter a current and valid Law Library card number without the letter "A" and his or her PIN: https://lexisdl.com/welcome/login/cocll

Q: Does a member have to come to the Law Library to check out eBooks?
A: No. A member can simply click on the following link, select the Cleveland Law Library, and enter his or her Law Library card number and PIN: https://lexisdl.com/welcome/login/cocll

Q: Where can a member find the necessary PIN?
A: The PIN is usually the last 4 digits of the phone number associated with the member's Law Library account. Alternatively, it could be "changeme."

Q: Are all browsers supported?
A: Yes, the Digital Library works with all browsers, but Google Chrome works best.

Q: How can a member search for titles in the eBook collection?
A: A member can search the collection by title, author or keywords. Exact phrases should be placed in quotes. A member may also browse by jurisdiction, practice area, or featured collections (such as Newly Added).

Q: How does a member read an eBook?
A: A member should click the “Read” button to immediately read the book online. The “Borrow” button is also available for titles the Law Library shares with other law libraries.

Q: Is there an App for reading eBooks?
A: Yes, LexisNexis offers the “LexisNexis Digital Library” App for both iPhone and Android.

Q: How many eBooks can a member check out at 1 time?
A: A member can check out 5 eBooks at 1 time. One volume of a multi-volume set counts as 1 check-out.

Q: What happens if an eBook has multiple volumes-can a member check out just 1 volume of a multi-volume set?
A: Yes, a member may check out just a single volume.

Q: How long can a member borrow an eBook?
A: The default loan period is 7 days. However, a member can voluntarily reduce the loan period to 3 days during check-out.

Q: Can a member renew an eBook that is checked out?
A: Yes. A member can renew an eBook up to 3 days prior to expiration as long as no other member has placed a “Hold” on that eBook. A member will receive an email notification when a title becomes available. Once the notice is sent, a member will have 2 days to borrow the title. If a member does not retrieve it in time, the title will be made available to the next user on the list.

Q: What happens when an eBook is due back to the Cleveland Law Library?
A: Access to an eBook automatically expires when the eBook is due. A member does not have to do anything to return an eBook.

Q: Can a member download an eBook?
A: Downloading is no longer available because members have more options when they read online through an Internet browser or App.

Q: If someone else has checked out an eBook, what can a member do to get in line to borrow it next?
A: A member can place a “Hold” for that eBook. Holds are filled in the order in which they are placed.

Q: How many Holds can a member have at 1 time?
A: A member can have 5 holds at 1 time.

Q: Can a member cancel a Hold?
A: Yes. To do so, a member should sign into the Digital Library with his or her Law Library card number and PIN, click the Holds link, and click a title’s “Remove” link to remove it from the Waiting List.

Q: What functionality is available with eBooks?
A: Search, browse the Table of Contents, create bookmarks, add highlights and annotations, copy and paste, print, and change text size.

Q: Can members search the full text of an eBook?
A: Yes. Members can currently search the contents of a single volume with a simple character search. Quotes for phrases also work, but Boolean Operators are not supported. Multi-volume searching is available for a few sets of books in the collection.

Q: Can members search the full text of a set of books (e.g., Ohio Transaction Guide or Ohio Revised Code) to find the volume they need?
A: Yes, multi-volume searching is available for most sets, and there are two possible paths to locate the search template. Either path starts by searching for the title of the set in the search bar at the top. Once you do that,
    • Click on the book cover of one book in the set, and use the "Search this set" template on the right to search by phrase or keyword.
    • Or, click the word "Sets" to find the version/year you would like. Then click "View Set," and use the "Search this set" template on the right to search by phrase or keyword.

Q: Can guests check out the Cleveland Law Library’s eBooks?
A: No, but the Cleveland Law Library is open to the public on Wednesdays. Guests who come to the Cleveland Law Library on Wednesdays may view and read eBooks in-house.

Q: How can a member get technical help?
A: Please contact the Cleveland Law Library between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) at: 216-861-5070 or lawlib@clelaw.lib.oh.us.

Q: Does LexisNexis provide any helpful guides?
A: Yes, Lexis offers a number of helpful guides at the following link: https://www.lexisnexis.com/en-us/support/TOTG-digital-library/training-guides.page

Q: Can members return eBooks early, when they are finished using them?
A: Yes, if the clockicon is visible next to a title listed in the "My Books" section.

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