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MAY 2010
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     Welcome to the Law Library’s 1st issue of Law Library Briefs. Every month, we will focus on key services and resources we provide for our members. This month, we would like to emphasize the breadth and scope of our brand new Lexis and Westlaw collections. Not only have we expanded the online databases our members can use, but we have also significantly enhanced the public records databases that staff can search on behalf of members. Need an address or a criminal history for a witness or defendant? Need driving records or VIN numbers? Need business reports or asset information? We can help. Please review the database information below, and make sure to take advantage of what the Law Library has to offer.

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Patron Access

• Federal Cases, USC and USCA
• CFR, FR, Congressional Record
• State Cases, Codes & Regulations
• U.S. Supreme Court Briefs (1979-)
• Federal & State Agency Materials
• Federal Legislative Histories
• United States Attorneys’ Manual
• Federal & State Court Rules
• Law Reviews & Journals
• Selected ABA Journals
• Selected state and city Bar Journals
• Model Acts and Uniform Laws
• Index to Legal Periodicals
• Anderson’s Practice Treatises (OH and national)
• Ohio Form Books
• Ohio Jury Instructions (also for California)
• Restatements & Selected Treatises
• Selected Legal News & Business Materials
• Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory
• Martindale-Hubbell Law Digest (U.S., Dist. of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands)
• Archive: Appleman On Insurance Law & Practice
• State Legislative Directory (all state government info.)
• Ohio: Mealey’s Litigation News Briefs
• All Mealey’s Publications News Briefs
• Selected Matthew Bender treatises for Ohio and 5 other states (e.g., Sixth Circuit Federal Practice Manual)
• Shepards

Staff Use Only

• Ohio and national bankruptcy filings
• Ohio and national real property information (deeds, mortgages and tax assessments)
• Ohio and national criminal records (arrest, corrections, and court records)
• Ohio and national liens and judgments
• Ohio and national UCC filings
• Ohio and national professional licenses
• Ohio and national fictitious business names
• Ohio and national marriage and divorce records
• Ohio and national voter registrations
• Ohio and national OSHA inspection reports
• Ohio hunting and fishing licenses
• FAA aircraft registrations
• National Financial Services Industry Sanctions
• 50 State Surveys
• Federal and selected state (Oh, Cal, Tex) jury instructions
• Expert witness CV’s and resumes
• Expert witness verdicts & settlements (inc. IDEX)
• IDEX Expert transcripts and depositions
• Expert Witness Briefs and Motions
• National Briefs, Pleadings & Motions
• Ohio and national SmartLinx comprehensive business reports
• Experian Business Reports
• D&B FEIN’s
• Company Profiles & Directories
• Business Finders
• People Finders
• Phone Lookup
• Mega News (including Factiva, Barron’s, WSJ, Reuters News, Dow Jones News)

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Patron Access

• Federal Cases, USC and USCA (including Graphical Statutes)
• CFR, FR, Congressional Record, USCCAN
• Federal Agency Decisions
• Federal Administrative Materials
• State Cases, Codes & Regulations
• State Agency Decisions
• State Administrative Materials
• Federal & State Court Rules
• Law Reviews & Journals
• Ohio & National Forms
• Ohio Analytical Materials
• West’s Ohio Practice Library
• Ohio Family Practice Analytical Library
• Ohio Estate Planning Practitioner Core Library
• Ohio Real Property Practitioner Library
• Ohio Employment Forms & Advisor Library
• Family Law Practitioner National Analytical Library
• Estate Planning Practitioner Core Library
• Real Property Practitioner Analytical Library
• Employment Practice Guides Library
• All Analytical Materials (e.g., AmJur, CJS, ALRs, Restatements, Wright & Miller FPP, ERISA Practice & Procedure, Corporate Compliance Series)
• All Forms/FormFinder Advantage (e.g., Ohio, other states, West’s Legal Forms, AmJur Pleading and Practice Forms, Fletcher Corp. Forms, & Nichols Cyclopedia of Legal Forms)
• National Jury Verdicts (Ohio and many other states)
• National Jury Instructions (e.g., Ohio, multiple states, & Model Jury Instructions)
• National Briefs (state and federal)
• Results Plus
• KeyCite

Staff Use Only

• Ohio Civil Trial Court Orders
• Ohio Civil Court Filings (Pleadings, Motions & Memoranda; includes 6th Circuit)
• Ohio and selected state Jury Verdicts
• Ohio and national asset locators & UCC records
• Ohio business records and directories
• Ohio and national adverse, bankruptcy, & lawsuit (abstracts) filings
• Ohio and national liens & civil judgments
• Ohio and national professional licenses
• Ohio and national voter registrations
• Ohio Marriage records
• Ohio and national FEIN records
• Ohio Newspapers
• Ohio and national People finders and phone records
• Ohio and national watercraft registrations
• FAA aircraft registrations
• Ohio and national hunting & fishing licenses
• Ohio and national D & B directory info. (Name, address, phone, DUNS, executives, line of business, primary SIC code)
• Ohio and national business (and fictitious names) registration records
• Ohio and national real property assessor and transfer records
• Ohio and national public records databases (marriages, divorce, licenses, permits)
• Ohio and national D&B Executive Biography records
• National Executive Affiliation records
• Business finders (US and Canada)
• Insider stock transactions
• State Motor Vehicle records
• 50 State Surveys
• Attorney and Judge Profilers
• Sourcebooks (state government information)
• West Legal Directory

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