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The Cleveland Law Library is a premier hybrid legal institution on the cutting edge of technology that provides services to a large base of private members, as well as various judges, public officials, and their respective staff members. The Cleveland Law Library is also accessible to members of the public one day a week.

The Cleveland Law Library was originally established in 1869 as the Cleveland Law Library Association by leading members of the bar in Cuyahoga County for the promotion of the science of law. (Charter). The Cleveland Law Library Association is still one of the largest membership law libraries in the United States, with the dues of over 2,600 members contributing to its support. The Cleveland Law Library Association’s Board of Directors represents a cross-section of Cleveland’s legal community and operates under a Constitution that provides more information about its membership and governance.

Over the course of time, Ohio statutes carved out an additional role for the Cleveland Law Library in serving the local judiciary, elected officials in Cuyahoga County, and members of the Ohio General Assembly. In 2009, legislation expanded these statutory responsibilities to include all local governments and created a new entity called the Cuyahoga County Law Library Resources Board to oversee services to these constituencies and provide a venue for public access. This Cuyahoga County Law Library Resources Board operates under a set of written Rules and Policies. Information about the Cuyahoga County Law Library Resources Board's operations, budget and statistics can be found within Cuyahoga County's Annual Budget.

The Cleveland Law Library receives a combination of dues and fines and penalties that contribute to support a staff, a service structure and a collection of print and electronic legal materials specifically directed to meet the needs of the practicing bench and bar. The Law Library also provides resources to serve the needs of pro se litigants. (Disclaimer)

The Cleveland Law Library’s fourth floor offices in the Cuyahoga County Courthouse are the hub of legal and business information services. In addition, direct service extends beyond the Courthouse walls through remote access, email, fax mail and courier delivery options, all designed to deliver the right information in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

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1 West Lakeside Avenue, FL4   •   Cleveland, Ohio 44113-1078   •   Email: lawlib@clelaw.lib.oh.us   •   Phone: (216) 861-5070   •   Fax: (216) 861-1606

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