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Case No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation
Lorain Cty. Bar Assn. v. Hadeed (Slip Opinion) 2019-0823Attorneys—Misconduct—Violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct—One-year suspension, with the final six months stayed on conditions.Per CuriamSlip Opinion No. 2019-Ohio-4537
State v. Ford (Slip Opinion) 2015-1309Criminal Law—Aggravated murder—Conviction affirmed—Death sentence vacated and cause remanded to trial court to properly determine whether defendant is intellectually disabled after considering the following three core elements: (1) intellectual-functioning deficits (indicated by an IQ score approximately two standard deviations below the mean—i.e., a score of roughly 70 or lower when adjusted for the standard error of measurement), (2) significant adaptive deficits in any of the three adaptive-skill sets (conceptual, social, and practical), and (3) the onset of these deficits while the defendant was a minor.Stewart, J.Slip Opinion No. 2019-Ohio-4539
Disciplinary Counsel v. McCray 2018-1437On order to show cause.  
11/07/2019 Case Announcements  Merit decisions with opinions—Affidavits of disqualification—Disciplinary cases.