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10/07/2020 Case Announcements  Merit decisions with opinions—Merit decisions without opinions—Motion and procedural rulings—Appeals accepted for review.  
State v. Henderson (Slip Opinion) 2019-0182Criminal law—State cannot challenge a voidable sentence through a postconviction motion for resentencing—R.C. 5145.01 cannot be read to give correctional institutions the power to transform a sentence from what the sentencing entry expressly contains—A judgment or sentence is void only if it is rendered by a court that lacks subject-matter jurisdiction over the case or personal jurisdiction over the defendant—If a court has jurisdiction over the case and the person, any error in the court’s exercise of that jurisdiction is voidable, including sentences in which a trial court fails to impose a statutorily mandated term—Court of appeals’ judgment reversed in part and cause remanded.French, J.Slip Opinion No. 2020-Ohio-4784
McKinney v. Haviland (Slip Opinion) 2020-0286Habeas corpus—Inmate had adequate remedy in ordinary course of law to raise alleged sentencing error—Court of appeals’ dismissal of petition affirmed.Per CuriamSlip Opinion No. 2020-Ohio-4785
10/07/2020 Case Announcements #2  Motion and procedural rulings.