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Case No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation
Carter v. May (Slip Opinion) 2020-0328Habeas corpus—Inmate failed to state claim cognizable in habeas—Court of appeals’ dismissal of petition affirmed.Per CuriamSlip Opinion No. 2020-Ohio-4522
State v. Froman (Slip Opinion) 2017-0938Criminal law—Aggravated murder—Findings of guilt and death sentence affirmed.O'Connor, C.J.Slip Opinion No. 2020-Ohio-4523
State ex rel. Citizens for Community Values, Inc. v. DeWine (Slip Opinion) 2020-0175Mandamus—A case is moot when the issues presented are no longer live or the parties lack a legally cognizable interest in the outcome—Passage of time and intervening legislation rendered mandamus claims moot—Cause dismissed.Per CuriamSlip Opinion No. 2020-Ohio-4547
In re Searl 2020-1141On certified entry of felony conviction.  
09/24/2020 Case Announcements  Merit decisions with opinions—Disciplinary cases—Miscellaneous dismissals—Mediation matters.