Q: Who can check out Cleveland Law Library eBooks?
A: Members of the Cleveland Law Library. This includes members of the Cleveland Law Library Association and statutory members of the Cuyahoga County Law Library Resources Board under O.R.C. §307.51.

Q: Where does a member go to check out eBooks?
A: The Digital Library is located at the following link: https://cocll.libraryreserve.com/10/1334/en/SignIn.htm?url=Default.htm

Q: Are all browsers supported?
A: Yes, the Digital Library works with all browsers, but Google Chrome works best.

Q: How does a member gain access to the Digital Library?
A: A member simply needs to go to the link below, select the Cleveland Law Library, and then enter a current and valid Law Library card number without the letter "A" and his or her PIN:

Q: Where can a member find his or her PIN?
A: The PIN is usually the last 4 digits of the phone number associated with the member's Law Library account. Alternatively, it could be "changeme".

Q: Who is providing the Cleveland Law Library’s eBooks?
A: The Cleveland Law Library has contracted to purchase eBooks in the Digital Library from LexisNexis®. LexisNexis® works with OverDrive, a local company which provides the digital rights management (DRM) necessary to enable members to check out the eBooks.

Q: Is it easy to check out eBooks?
A: Yes, it is very easy.

Q: Is the eBook collection searchable?
A: Yes, a member can search the collection by title, author or keywords. Exact phrases should be placed in quotes. A member may also browse by jurisdiction, practice area, or featured collections (such as Newly Added or Most Popular). Members can also search an entire set of books (e.g., all volumes of The Ohio Transaction Guide) at one time.

Q: Can a member filter search results?
A: Yes, a member can filter search results by collection, relevancy, format, subject, publisher, device, and several other categories.

Q: Does a member have to come to the Law Library to check out eBooks?
A: No. A member can simply click on the link below, select the Cleveland Law Library, and enter his or her Law Library card number: https://cocll.libraryreserve.com/10/1334/en/SignIn.htm?url=Default.htm

Q: How many eBooks does the Cleveland Law Library offer?
A: There are 39 titles in the Cleveland Law Library’s eBook collection. Some titles have multiple volumes, (e.g., Page’s Ohio Revised Code). Some titles are also available in multiple editions or years.

Q: What titles are contained in the eBook collection?
A: The Cleveland Law Library's eBook collection includes:
  • Ohio Insurance Law Handbook
  • Anderson's Appellate Practice and Procedure in Ohio
  • Anderson's Ohio Civil Practice with Forms
  • Anderson's Ohio Consumer Law Manual
  • Anderson's Ohio Creditor's Rights Manual
  • Anderson's Ohio Criminal Practice and Procedure
  • Anderson's Ohio Domestic Relations Practice Manual
  • Anderson's Ohio Family Law
  • Anderson's Ohio Pretrial Litigation Practice Manual
  • Anderson's Ohio Probate Practice and Procedure
  • Anderson's Ohio Residential Real Estate Manual
  • Anderson's Ohio School Finance, A Practitioner's Guide
  • Anderson's Ohio School Law Guide
  • Anderson's Ohio School Law Manual
  • Anderson's The Simple Will in Ohio
  • Couse's Ohio Form Book
  • Employment in Ohio
  • LexisNexis Ohio Rules of Court Annotated
  • Ohio Annotated Workers Compensation Law Handbook
  • Ohio Bankruptcy Handbook
  • Ohio Business Entities
  • Ohio Evidence Courtroom Manual
  • Ohio Liquor Laws and Rules Annotated
  • Ohio Probate
  • Ohio Real Property Law and Practice
  • Ohio Securities Law and Practice
  • Ohio Transaction Guide--Legal Forms
  • Page's Ohio Revised Code Annotated
  • Understanding Criminal Law
  • Understanding Criminal Procedure
  • Understanding Family Law
  • Understanding Modern Real Estate Transactions
  • Understanding the Law of Zoning and Land Use Controls
  • Understanding Trusts and Estates
  • Weissenberger's Ohio Civil Procedure Litigation Manual
  • Weissenberger's Ohio Evidence Treatise
Q: What happens if an eBook has multiple volumes-can a member check out just 1 volume of a multi-volume set?
A: Yes, a member may check out just a single volume.

Q: How many eBooks can a member check out at 1 time?
A: A member can check out 5 eBooks at 1 time. One volume of a multi-volume set counts as 1 check-out.

Q: How long can a member borrow an eBook?
A: The default loan period is 7 days. However, a member can voluntarily reduce the loan period to 3 days during check-out.

Q: Can a member renew an eBook that he or she has checked out?
A: Yes. A member can renew an eBook up to 3 days prior to expiration as long as no other member has placed a “Hold” on that eBook. A member will receive an email notification when a title becomes available. Once the notice is sent, a member will have 2 days to borrow the title. If a member does not retrieve it in time, the title will be made available to the next user on the list.

Q: What happens when an eBook is due back to the Cleveland Law Library?
A: Access to an eBook automatically expires when the eBook is due. A member does not have to do anything to return an eBook.

Q: If someone else has checked out an eBook, what can a member do to get in line to borrow it next?
A: A member can place a “Hold” for that eBook. Holds are filled in the order in which they are placed.

Q: How many Holds can a member have at 1 time?
A: A member can have 5 holds at 1 time.

Q: Can a member cancel a Hold?
A: Yes. To do so, a member should sign into the Digital Library with his or her Law Library card number and PIN, click the Holds link, and click a title’s “Remove” link to remove it from the Waiting List.

Q: In what format are eBooks available?
A: Most eBooks are available in 2 formats: EPUB and OverDrive Read. Some eBooks are also available in a 3rd format specifically designed for Kindle devices.

Q: What is the EPUB format?
A: The EPUB format is a freely-available, open eBook format that enables a borrower to read an eBook. EPUB files can be opened in most eBook readers, such as the Barnes & Noble Nook. EPUB files may have to be converted before they can be read on Kindles. EPUB files can also be opened on a PC or MAC computer with various free software programs, including Adobe Digital Editions, which is available for free at the following link: http://www.adobe.com/solutions/ebook/digital-editions/download.html Users of this software will be prompted to create an optional Adobe ID, which allows for the transfer of borrowed titles to multiple devices.

Q: Is there an APP for reading eBooks in EPUB format?
A: Yes, there are a lot of iPhone and Android apps that allow reading of EPUB files. There is also a Firefox Add-on called EPUBReader that allows readers to read EPUB files in a browser just like other documents.

Q: What is OverDrive Read?
A: OverDrive Read is a browser-based eBook reader that works on most computers, tablets, and mobile devices running web browsers. It allows readers to read an eBook online, copy and paste, and print. No software or App is required to read eBooks online using OverDrive Read. Readers viewing an eBook through OverDrive Read can also download that eBook for reading later offline.

Q: Is there an APP for OverDrive Read?
A: Yes, the APP is available for every major mobile and desktop platform. Click this link for more information about the APP: http://app.overdrive.com/

Q: What is a Kindle?
A: A Kindle is a small, hand-held device for reading eBooks. Amazon.com manufactures and distributes Kindles, and there are several different types with different features. If an eBook in the Cleveland Law Library’s collection is available in the Kindle format, it will work on any Kindle device.

Q: Is there an APP for the Kindle?
A: Yes, there are iPhone, Android and other APPS for use on Kindles.

Q: What functionality is available with eBooks?
A: This depends on the reading platform and the digital rights for the title. Generally, the following functionality is provided:

EPUB Format:
  • Search, browse the Table of Contents, create bookmarks, copy and paste, print, and change text size.
OverDrive Read Format:
  • Search, browse the Table of Contents, create notes and bookmarks, highlight text first and then print, define words, change text size, and download to read later offline.
Kindle Format:
  • Search, browse the Table of Contents, create notes and bookmarks, define words, and change text size.
Q: Can a member search the full text of an eBook?
A: Yes. Members can currently search the contents of a single volume with a simple character search. Quotes for phrases also work, but Boolean Operators are not supported. Multi-volume searching will be added in the future.

Q: Can a member return an eBook early?
A: Sometimes. If a member has not yet downloaded a title, it can be returned from the “Bookshelf” located under the member’s Account in the Digital Library. Once a book has been downloaded, the "Return Title" button disappears from a member’s Bookshelf. However, it may be able to be returned using the software or APP that was used to download it. For example, a member using Adobe Digital Editions may be able to return an eBook through that software interface. Likewise, a member using a Kindle may be able to return an eBook through his or her Amazon.com account.

Q: Can guests check out the Cleveland Law Library’s eBooks?
A: No, but the Cleveland Law Library is open to the public on Wednesdays. Guests who come to the Cleveland Law Library on Wednesdays may view and read eBooks in-house using OverDrive Read.

Q: How can a member get technical help?
A: Please contact the Cleveland Law Library between 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) at: 216-861-5070 or lawlib@clelaw.lib.oh.us There is also a Help Button in the top right corner of the Digital Library.

You can also check out the “Help” information from OverDrive at the following link: http://help.overdrive.com/?Sup=http://cocll.law.overdrive.com/Support.htm

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